Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's get nasty! No limits Pedophile Phone Sex

  Do you like pedophile phone sex like me?  I am Mercedes papi, the hottest Latina around these phone sex parts and I am also the freakiest.

  Don't let these curves fool you I love to get nasty with tiny, soft bodies that I can manipulate and do whatever I want with.  That shit turns me on and all my pedo daddies that call me know just how fucked up this latina Princess can get.

  I love when I roleplay with papi and he lets loose and gets rock hard telling me the way he wants my big black dick friend to fuck his niece little white pussy until he splits her open. She is so tiny papi I cannot even tell you her age right now. Call me to find out all the nasty details. I know your cock will explode when I tell you all the juicy details.

  I have no limits when it comes to this freaky shit. I like using my curvy tan body to get what I want. I want you to be real with me and tell me the nasty shit and let us talk about it as long as you like.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mommy Feet Fetish Phone Sex

Jeff called me for a Kinky Fetish call that I really enjoyed and it went something like this.

 I was attending a family dinner with my sons and daughters at a party last night.  It was supposed to be a luau theme, so everyone was supposed to wear beach attire.  After a few Margaritas and Coronas, everyone was in a good mood, especially me.
 After passing around every one's plate of food I sat down at the table myself. only to find that I was sitting right in front of my oldest son. The naught one with the kinky foot fetish. I know he gets off on the feet of women, but I still think it's a filthy fetish. I guess secretly I think about my son getting hard and jacking off to my sexy feet. He gives me many compliments on my toesies and that is more than what my husband does. 
I lifted one foot and out it in my sons lap, without looking at him I being to tickle his balls with my toes. His cock instantly became hard as he re-positioned himself in his seat.  It was not hard to slip his shorts down with both of my pedicured feet. At this point I was pretty lit and  anted to take things a step further.  I asked my son how his day was going, as I jacked him off with my feet.  He barely answered as his breathy replied made everyone at the table look his way. I took this great opportunity to embarrass him a step further by asking a simply question that made my son orgasm all over his shorts and my feet at the dinner table. "Do you STILL have that nasty foot fetish Jeff?"
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Impregnating Phone Sex

Mario is such a hot Latin cutie. He has gorgeous eyes, a sexy body and wandering eyes that seem to always explore my caliente curvas. Mario is staying here with me and my momma, he is actually my mothers boyfriend of 5 years, they are engaged to get married and I couldn't be happier for my mothers new found happiness.

I almost didn't say, my mother is pregnant with Mario and soon to have a baby.

Spying on them in the bedroom since I was a little girl, I took part in the making of this baby. I would hear creepy and exciting noises from the bedroom when Mario stayed over. The door was always cracked open just a peek.... and that is what I did... I peeked while Mario and mommy had
pregnation sex. Sometimes, mommy was yelling and telling Mario to.. quote " fuck me deep and give me your baby juice in my pussy". I watched, mesmerised by the way Mario watched me, while I watched him fucking mommy.

Mommy stayed late at work one night, while Mario stayed home alone. Shortly around 3:00pm I came home from school. I walked up stairs to my room and their stood Mario, walking out of my room and closing the door. "oh hi Mercedes, sweetheart" he said.

" Hi papi, what's up?" I said

"Oh nothing much, your mommy is working late", he said with a grin.

"That is too bad, I really wanted to show her the lingerie I bought today", I said candidly..

"Oh Mercedes, I am here for you chica, I would love to see your new lingerie mami, you're getting older and you are so beautiful mami".

"Gracias Papi" I say flicking my hair behind my ear and walking into my room.

I seen a pair of panties tucked behind my pillow that I didn't leave there. I put them to my nose and they are wet and smell like lotion. He had been jerking his polla with my panties and I was going to wear them for him. I put the tiny white thong cut lace panties on and my new lace bra that showed more cleavage than most 14 year old show.
This Latina has more curves than her mommy and Mario has definitely noticed. I stood, at the top of the stairs and watched his reaction to my more grown up look. "Mercedes chica you look amazing" whispered.. "now come to daddy".

He grabbed me for a passionate kiss; our lips barely touching as or tongues embraced. Just like my hands embraced my jello filled ass jiggling from my panties. With an surprising expertise, I undid Papi Mario's belt and pants and underwear all in one and let it dangle to the floor. Papi had a perfect 9 inch dick thick as my arm, covered in throbbing veins.
Mario slid my bra down exposing my wonderful jello filled D cups, he went down to kiss lick and suck upon my erect and now sore nipples. I never felt such pleasure.
I can't wait any longer mami, he growled and pulled me on top of him and falling onto the couch all in one motion. He pulled me onto his face and licked my pussy right threw my lace panties. He growled and bucked as he licked and sucked on my swollen clitoris. I bend over into the 69 position and opened wide for my step-dads dick. I grip his shaft tight as his bucking and pre-cum drenched dick would have slipped from my hands otherwise. I licked my slurped all the pre cum from daddies dick.

"Oh please, fuck me I moaned fuck me daddy and impregnate me like you did mommy".
"Oh chica he moaned, bend over for daddy and take my big dick". I squealed as daddies thick shaft penetrated my little cunny for the first time. Their was a slight sting but once he was all the way in it started feeling really good. His hands squeezing my ass with firm slapped made my pussy wetter and wetter.

"Please come in my pussy papi, put your baby juice in my pussy" I moaned as I kissed his lips. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mercedes mami papi is coming in youuuuuu". I felt his dick swell in my little pussy and seconds later creamy baby batter splattered and squirted from my pussy and down Mario's balls. So much cum for such a tiny teen Latina pussy. He pumped my swollen pussy walls for several seconds more before collapsing on the sofa.

I really loved
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ass Worship Phone Sex

When you have a juicy, plump, tight, phat ass like mine, men tend to drool all over the place. Even Papi Chulos that are with their wifeys still break there necks to get a peek a my big booty. I know your mouth is watering papi. Given the chance any man will Worship a REAL ass like mine. You want a taste of my juicy, soft cupcake ass don't you? I love Ass Worship Phone Sex. I know you want to worship my perfect body. Come on Papi, do not be shy. Pick up the Phone and call this Latina Princess. Come kiss my curves, then make your way to my pretty pussy. I want to show you how good I can ride your stiff cock papi and make you cum. Ass Worship Phone Sex with Mercedes will leave you satisfied Papi!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Teacher Phone Sex

School Girl Mercedes
  I was the only Latina in the academy, a super sexy exotic beauty. I knew my soft curves, olive skin and soft accent would catch any guys eye. I knew I would fit right in with the other girls.

Latina Phone Sex

      We all had one thing in common, beside being sexy bitches. Everyone loved the professor. He was the perfect man, he taught most of our classes and he was married. We all knew he had a thick 10 inch cock and we all wanted a taste. lol. One day professor told me he never had a spanish girl before, but he always wanted one. One for his own personal using. I told professor about the time Daddy sold me to his friends, for them to do which ever they choose with me..

        I think he liked it alot because he kissed my lips while pinching my nipples. Then he rubbed his hand up my thigh and gave me a firm slap on my jiggly round ass.I knew then that he wanted my juicy pussy. The next day I waited in his condo with my school girl skirt on. Stripping down to my bra and bending over to give him a good look at my nice round booty. Tease Phone Sex started to become something that made the Professors cock get rock hard.
He wanted my Latina Phone Sex pussy and he wanted it bad. I bend over giving the professor a special kiss on his cock. I looking up into his eyes and asked if I would get a special grade for this. lol. He said it depends on how good I make him cum. I opened my lips and placed them around the professors cock and began to sux, lick and deepthroat his big dick. He cock was glazed over in my bubbly spit. I squeezed his fat wet cock while stroking and licking up his dribbling pre-cum. I wanted to make sure I please the professro so I could pass all classes for sure. Plus, he cock felt so good stuffing my warm mouth. Just as my cum started to drip down my thighs professor jerked and moaned while squuezing the back of my head. He pled for me not to stop then, he gushed and squirted a huge load into my mouth. He told me to swallow like a good girl and so I did. I really enjoyed our School Girl Phone Sex Professor. Let's just say I got an A+.

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Latina Phone Sex

      I'm Mercedes, I'm a spicy, nasty, naughty Latina that loves to get nasty twisted and fucked up. I'm basically the whore of your dreams. I came here with my mom and dad to make a better life for my family.... 

       When my papi got his job all his friend loved how pretty I was. They wanted to me to come visit my papi at work everyday, so I did. Then Papi started gambling with his new amigos, he was betting money that we didn't have. Soon, his buddies were looking for something else to pay the debt they no longer wanted money. They soon wanted to use me for all debts. Both my parents agreed. I started very young and I've been a Dirty Phone Sex chica ever since..

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